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Curriculum Philosophy

The curriculum at Stowmarket High School builds on our students’ experiences in the primary phase and helps them to become successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens. Our curriculum reflects values in our society that promote personal development, emotional wellness, spirituality, equality of opportunity, economic wellbeing, a healthy and just democracy, and a sustainable future. It will allow our students to be prepared for life in employment, further education, or apprenticeship. All our students, regardless of their gender, ability, background or disadvantage, will be given the opportunity to follow a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated, and coherent and which enables continuity and progression. Every student will be expected to experience success. 

During the last year we have seen improvements to the curriculum in:

  1. RSE 
  2. PSHE and SHE 
  3. RE 
  4. English 
  5. Literacy 
  6. MFL 
  7. Science 
  8. Drama

Our co-curricular is important to us.  It offers a variety of clubs and activities under the banner of the ‘Joy of the curriculum’.

From September 2023 students will choose their GCSE’s in Year 9.   This year our subject leaders are developing our curriculums further, by September 2022 all subjects will have mapped when key concepts will be taught and spiralled from Year 7 until Year 11, embedding opportunities for students to become more curious learners, and identifing ambitious and challenging texts. The curriculum aims to be seen as an ambitious five-year plan, built on strong foundations which produces lifelong learners.  

Subject Leads have demonstrated the sequencing of lessons by creating visual learning journeys, which can be found in classrooms and on the school website.