Inspire at Stowmarket High School

This year we will be launched our Inspire sessions on Tuesday, 2nd October 2018 with a Football Coaching Inspire session, working with Ipswich Town Football club.  

At Stowmarket High School transition from primary to secondary school does not begin in Year 6 and end in Year 7. We want to ensure that our primary liaison and transition work begins as early as Year 5 and continues into Year 6 and 7. 

It offers Year 5 and 6 students the opportunity to sample a range of GCSE and A Level subjects which they can study at Stowmarket High School. It allows students to become familiar with our school, our staff, and our students.  It also makes sure that the transition from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible. 

There is no obligation to come along to every session; you can pick and choose the sessions that inspire you.

If you are interested in any of the sessions below please send an email to  Please provide your child’s name, current primary school and detail the session(s) you would like to enrol your child in. 

Please can you ensure that you arrive for a prompt 3.45pm start, refreshments and an optional tour will be available for parents who wish to stay. Collection time is at 4.45pm. 



16th October 2018

Business: Developing Enterprise 5 SPACES LEFT

6th November 2018

Art Activity: Explore, Record and Refine - Inspiration from everyday objects on the  6th November 1 SPACE LEFT

20th November 2018

Maths: Discovering 3D shapes 6 SPACES LEFT

4th December 2018

Food: Making Christmas Cakes  FULLY BOOKED

15th January 2019

Health and Social Care: First Aid Fun

29th January 2019

Graphics: CAD

12th February 2019

English: Suffolk Dialect

5th March 2019

PE: Handball

19th March 2019

Food and Nutrition: Baking Fun

2md April 2019


30th April 2019


14th May 2019


11th June 2019

Physics: Rockets

25th June 2019

Resistant Materials: Lasers

9th July 2019