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Student Voice

Last week we had some significant opportunities for student voices to be heard, as we had guests in school on Monday and Wednesday looking at our curriculum. The feedback our guests received was very impactful, and is going to have a direct influence on some whole school improvements we are going to make. Whilst student surveys, previous inspections, and feedback from regular visitors has been very positive for a number of years about the friendliness of our school, last week’s feedback was not entirely positive. Positives focussed around the broad range of subjects on offer, the work we do on ‘Futures’, and our charity work.  However, some students spoke about how homophobic insults were used amongst the student body, that older kids would not always be kind to younger students in corridors and that they felt they didn’t know enough about other cultures, world religions and modern politics.

So, we are going to do something about all of these things, with the help and support of the student voice team. I am quite excited by what we will come up with, because whilst we have to work hard on the academic curriculum, we also have a moral duty to better prepare our students to become responsible, enlightened citizens. Some really positive aspects of this process have been seeing our sixth formers help lead this – in particular Ben Mills and Grace Allen as Headboy and Headgirl have been outstanding, and are setting an incredibly high standard for younger students to aspire to.

I look forward to welcoming guests on Wednesday, to our celebration breakfast. This is where students from all year groups have been selected by staff as demonstrating the very highest standards in effort, civility, hard work and outcomes, and we do that ‘tripod’ thing by celebrating with them and their family over breakfast. I really look forward to these events.

I also hope to get to attend the Christmas Concert this evening. Dr Stoppard has excitedly told me about some of the performances that are going to take place, and as the quality has been improving year by year we are all in for a treat. Unfortunately, I have to attend a Trust Board meeting in Loddon so I might not make it. I hope as many of you can attend and support our talented students, particularly the Year 11 BTEC students who have organised the whole evening as part of their course.

To finish on a positive, we have been very impressed with how the Year 11 students have approaching and tackling their ‘Pre’ examinations. They are working so hard, and this is inspiring to see.

Have a great week everyone


Mr Lee-Allan