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The Design Exhibition 

The quality of the work and craftsmanship on display each year never fails to inspire. When one considers the amount of schooling lost to lockdowns, then the efforts of our Design Team and their students are even more remarkable.  

One parent who came into the school for a meeting asked which company’s work we were showcasing. He was absolutely blown away when we told him that this was all the work of our students. 

The atrium is such a fantastic place to display the work and it means that every student will see it and be inspired by it. In our previous building, students had to go out of their way to see the display meaning that not everyone got to see it. It has also been fantastic to see the Design teachers taking their lower year classes out to the exhibition and walking them through the show and explaining how pieces were put together from the design process to the final outcome. How inspiring! 

Congratulations to our Design Students, across the years and disciplines. You have achieved something truly special this year, and brought some joy to the centre of our school.

Changes to start of Next Term – Important

The following are excerpts from a letter I sent last week to the parents of students currently in Year 6 – please note the enlarged text which clarifies how the September start will be adapted.

“It is with huge regret that due to the changes in the easing of lockdown conditions as announced by the Prime Minister, I am unable to host the Year 6 Transition events planned for the 5th and 6th of July. Specifically, I am responding to an email from the Department of Education received on the 15th, which stated; 

Transitional and open days

“You should complete thorough risk assessments before running transitional, taster and open days in your setting, to ensure that they are run in line with your system of controls and align with the advice contained within the guidance for your setting and the roadmap out of lockdown

This means that traditional transitional and open days are unlikely to be feasible this academic year but we are keen not to restrict individual settings from designing events which maintain the integrity of bubbles or consistent groups and adhere to the system of controls in place.” 

Finally I will revist the plans for September, to enable a transition day for current Year 6 on September 2nd. No other students will be in school on this day, allowing the new Year 7 to learn about their new school in a particularly calm atmosphere. They will be joined by Year 11 on Friday 3rd, and then the whole school will start on the 6th September.

So to clarify for existing students, only Year 7 will be in on the 2nd, and only Year 7 and 11 on the Friday. All students will be in on the Monday 6th September.

My apologies for this enforced adaption to the original plans.

Headboy and Headgirl 

My copious thanks to Miss Howland, supported by Mr McLellan, Mr Blewitt and Mrs Dolby for their work in putting together the programme for the brand new Year 11 student leadership team. To spend some of my day talking to the very finest students about what they want to do to contribute to our school was a huge tonic. To choose between Oli Lucas, Barnaby Moore, Louis Blanchard, Sam Manning, Emily Wright, Ruby Elwood, Maddie Chenery and Poppy Parry Ward was difficult for us all, but strangely joyful. All the students will become Headteacher Ambassadors, but they will be led by Barnaby and Maddie as Head boy and Head girl respectively, and deputised by Oli and Emily. What a team. We in SLT need to keep an eye over our shoulder! 

Covid Safety Reminder

Please remind your sons and daughters if they use public transport they must wear a mask.

The New Pastoral Structure for September 2021

Mrs Goodman - Year 7 (Current Year 6)

Mr Peckford - Year 8 (Current Year 7) (During Miss Smith’s maternity leave)

Mr Blewitt - Year 9 (Current Year 8)

Mrs Coole - Swingler - will support Year 8 & 9 (Current Year 7 & 8)

Mrs Wellham - Year 10 (Current Year 9)

Mrs Dolby - Year 11 (Current Year 10)

Full Respect to the D of E Students

Under the superb guidance of Mr Wright and his key team of staff, the next cohort of D of E students were camping and walking this weekend, with the Bronze Exhibition taking place this coming weekend. All credit to every one of those students.

Have a great week everyone – look after yourselves,

Mr Lee-Allan