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Covid Vaccines for 12-15 Year Olds

The government has announced that Pfizer vaccines will be made available for all young people aged between 12 and 15 in the next few weeks. The Schools Minister Nick Gibb told the Education Select Committee on the 7th that schools had been told to be ready. Unfortunately, that is not quite accurate, as we have not received any such instruction or guidance.

What I can say, is that we will engage with what we are directed to do by the DFE, but we will not engage in a debate about the effectiveness of the jab or the efficacy. Parents will be asked to give their consent and that is then down to them to say yes or no, and we will honour that decision. When I know more information, I will duly pass it on.

So Far So Good

I am delighted to report a really positive start to the school year. Staff are upbeat and students seem focussed, smiley and friendly. One of the never ending joys of my job is walking around the school and literally having hundreds of students saying ‘Hi’ to me. There is a sense of optimism around the school, and a pride about learning at Stow High.

Early Notice

The 8th October is a non-pupil day as staff are training, specifically on curriculum design with renowned educational consultant Mary Myatt.


Mr Lee-Allan