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Years 10 and 12

I would not say that the teaching profession in England is unified or clear as to how to interpret the Prime Minister’s use of the phrase ‘face to face’ contact for Year 10’s and 12’s in the summer term. Different teaching unions are giving out different messages, some councils are ignoring the government, and many teachers are angry at how certain parts of the media have been portraying them. Personally, we are right to ask for the evidence that it is safe to go into a classroom with 15 students, and particularly when the government recommends that we wear a mask for going into shops, yet apparently they are not required if you teach young people. Many things don’t quite make sense, and I appreciate as parents you will have as many questions as we do. I am organising a survey for parents of Year 10 and 12 students to find out if we could offer some form of face to face teaching, would they send their children in or not. Honest answers will help me plan, so in advance, I appreciate your support in completing the survey. It will only take a minute or so to complete. 

Please follow this link to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JYCVSK3


Student Work

I remain concerned that numbers of students in Year 10 are not engaging in the learning opportunities we are providing for them, and I repeat my message from last week that if there is a barrier in the way that we can help remove, please let us know. On a more positive note, we have seen some amazing work again this week, with some extraordinary 3D house designs in particular standing out. Do look at our website under the Parents tab to see our regularly updated roll call of honour!

New Build Update

We are working with the Trust at coming up with our plans, but for the moment we continue as we have been doing, as we are unique in our challenge of moving to a new build. On Friday 22nd, I will be given the keys to the new build, and then after half term, I can start to coordinate the unpacking of the colossal amounts of crates and the organisation of classrooms and offices, all done with social distancing in mind. On top of the unpacking, there are new systems that staff have to be trained on, and completely new procedures for things like emergency evacuation that have to be gone through. All of this whilst still delivering online learning. As I can only have small amounts of staff at any one point in time unpacking it is going to take sometime, and I am advised by the DFE that the whole process should take me up to the 12th June.

I am aware that many students and staff are very keen to see inside the building, and that those that are anxious about change are especially keen. As soon as I can get in, I will make a video tour of the building, which I will post online and send families the link to. One of the challenges of the new build is in differentiating between corridors, because in a modern build, everything is made to look the same, because it’s cheaper that way.  This will improve over time as we personalise the walls with student work and graphics, but right now, there are lots of long, white, fairly narrow plain corridors! There is lots to celebrate in the new build, with great light, ventilation, improved Wi-Fi, heating and lighting all built to a high specification, but those of you that know me, know that there is much that if I had my way I would improve. Education has not been well funded for some considerable time now, so I am grateful that we have benefited from some investment, even if it has its limitations.

Sports Awards

On a completely different note, this week sees the unveiling of the PE Sports Awards – all done on line and with some amazing surprises – the PE team have used their time to great effect to make some pretty extraordinary contacts – I can’t wait to see the results, and I just wish I could see the reactions of the winners and their families – well not just the winners actually, everyone who has represented the school deserves recognition. Over the past few years PE has grown in stature in our school, and the PE awards have been a highlight of the year for me, so to miss it this year was really sad. Fortunately, the energy and creativity of the PE team and their ‘can do’ attitude has resulted in a very different, but very special new awards.

Calling Home

After half term, we will repeat our exercise in which we call every family in the school – a chance to have some personalised support from us.

Year 12 support

This from Michael Slavinsky on Twitter;

If you go to


and filter by Online Events, you can see a wide range of online events that universities are hosting including taster sessions in subjects. https://unitasterdays.com

In fact, his page has enormous amounts of helpful links and guidance – do look into it.

Suffolk County Council Funded School Travel

Could I please remind parents that if your child is eligible for school transport you must opt in by 31st May 2020 to insure your transport in place for the Autumn term. Please see further information below from SCC.

By the end of the week we will have a new school. Something exciting to look forward to.

Stay connected everyone, and thank you for your support.

Mr Lee-Allan




(a couple of Year 10’s that have impressed us - Charlotte Burnett has completed her Food Hygiene certificate from home and achieved 97% and Ellie-Jean Horner who completed a nutrients retrieval task in great depth ready to help her in Year 11 assessments.)