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Great when it goes right...

During last week I and my senior staff ran tours of the school for Year 6 parents considering which school they might want to send their sons and daughters to. I always enjoy these tours, because they are totally unpredictable – nothing special is put on and we visit lessons right across the school. The reason I am telling you this, is because we might have popped in and seen your son or daughter, and I can tell you that every single day I was so proud of the school, and of the students and their work. Pleasingly, the feedback from my guests has been extremely positive too, so I hope we have done enough to convince them to sign up. Our numbers have been growing steadily over the last few years, and I would like to see this trend continue until we are oversubscribed.

And when it goes wrong…

I met with the parents of a current student in the school last week and listened to a number of concerns they raised about some key aspects of the school. Whilst I am upset that we don’t get everything right, I actually really valued this conversation, because it was calm, rational, detailed and the concerns were the sort I would have raised had the student been my child. These kinds of conversations provide me with valuable feedback, and allow me to see the school from another angle, and it is not always a great angle! My job then becomes more focussed on sorting those problems out, which if I am successful, makes everyone happy.

One of the concerns raised was why we were choosing to move the school into the new build at such an important time. On this matter, can I emphasise that I have no choice over the timing, and have expressed my concerns to the Priority Schools team, but those concerns have fallen on stony ground unfortunately. So now we have to get on and make the best of it, which is what we will do.

Young design talent

Mr Hawkins last week took his design students into London to see Sam Cobbold present his work at the Young Furniture Makers’ Guild – a real honour. Mr Hawkins has written a report about the visit later in the newsletter – I wish I could have gone.


To show that the talent in our school just keeps growing, two younger students popped down to see me to show me what they had created whilst attending Mr Burgess’ extra-curricular club. First was Bayley Badham in Year 7 with his finely crafted bowl, a product of his wood turning (in year 7!!) and a present for his mum, and then one of our Tycoon team from last year, Aidan Taylor (Year 10), with his wood and resin coffee table. Stunning work chaps, so pleased you came to see me.


At the end of this week we will have a non-uniform day and a ‘colour run’ in aid of Lottie Shields Bayliss, or more specifically the charity that helps fund research into the condition that so tragically affected her – Cardiomyopathy. Thank you in advance for all of your support for this.

Have a great week

Mr Lee-Allan