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Just before Christmas, Year 11 students sat their Pre Public examinations. In old terminology they were called ‘mocks’, and for many students, the fact that they were mock examinations meant that they did not take them seriously. The result was that the information gained from the examination results was pretty worthless, but it was impossible for staff to know what the students did or didn’t understand. In recent years, we have worked hard to improve this situation, and one aspect of this has been how we reveal the results to students. Gone are the days when individual teachers would drip feed the results out to students, with the effect of dissipating the impact. Now we hold the results centrally, and release them on a formal occasion to help recreate as closely as possible what will happen in the summer.

On Friday we held our Pre Results Assembly, and we were delighted that around 30 parents attended to support their students. Also in attendance were representatives from West Suffolk College, Suffolk New College, Otley College, AIMS, Ellen Alexander (Careers Advisor), David Wallace, our Futures Co-ordinator, and Mr Blewitt our head of Sixth Form.  The purpose of all this support, was to enable students to get a better understanding of what their results would or would not qualify them for. I was extremely proud of what Mr Rourke Beasley had put together, and of the student response to this high quality event.

The figures that the Pre examinations show that many individuals in that year group are going to have to put some serious effort in, and that we as a school will need to ensure that every lesson is high quality, and that the revision and intervention process is sharp, consistent and accessible. Every year group is different, and some will have a greater percentage of academic students, and some will have more students who find that academic work very challenging. Equally, the pressure examinations place on young people is intense, and we are very conscious of ensuring that all of our drive is cushioned by consistent messages, resources and access to strong wellbeing support. I am interested in getting all students their personal best, and that’s what Stowmarket High School prides itself on.  Let’s get on with it!

Good luck to Year 13 who are sitting their Pre examinations this week.

By the way, our email addresses have changed, as has our website address. We have created a clearer and shorter address, and one that is more intuitive. So instead of an apparently random two letter code for a member of staff, followed by @stowmarkethigh.suffolk.sch.uk, we now have a teacher’s first initial, followed by a dot, their surname and then @stowhigh.com.

Have a great week

Mr Lee-Allan