Headteacher's Blog

We serve a catchment that is quite different to many parts of the country, and statistically does present some challenges. It is certainly different to the North London I grew up in, which, even 40 years ago a mixture of Afro Caribbean, Asian, Jewish and white. One of the problems of a largely monotone palette, is a fear of the unknown, hence why this year Mrs Farrow, Assistant Headteacher has been working hard to introduce some more variety to the cultural curriculum. I am of course leading up to the Japanese Day, as the latest input, and what a success it was, and not just because our good friends Ichiban (the largest producer of sushi in the country, and based at Earl Stonham) left behind a considerable stash of sushi. With sessions focussed around food, language, ceremony, religion, culture and art, the students were treated to something very different. It was an excellent event, and the feedback from the students has been incredibly positive.

On Monday we held our traditional Celebration Breakfast, for students who have been identified as working extremely hard in a number of subjects and making good progress. This was our most successful and positive celebration so far, which more families than ever present to share in the success of the students. I do love these mornings.

On Thursday Miss Booth took a small group of students to Adastral Park to take part in activities focussed on encouraging young women to consider careers in STEM related fields. This was the email I received from her;

‘Today I took 9 girls to BT for a STEMettes Women in science day and they did brilliantly! 

Imke Burger and Hannah Corcoran got the judges prize for best website design/ build and Lorna Brown and Sophie Butel got the people’s choice award. All four of them got £20 vouchers for their efforts! 

All of the girls got some brilliant goodie bags and seemed to really enjoy the day. ‘

More success for Stowmarket students. Great work Miss Booth. Not satisfied with this success, this week Miss Booth is organising a STEM workshop for Year 10 – I look forward to seeing that in action.

Meanwhile, the History team have returned from their trip to the Somme – such important visits help protect the legacy of what the great sacrifice achieved. It was very moving to see that they managed to track down the grave of John Canler, a Stowmarket soldier, whose name is one inscribed on the commemorative plaque in the school.

This week we have numbers of interviews, we have an evening focussed on the employment opportunities within the gaming industry, a separate event focussed on apprenticeships, year group photographs for Year 11 and Year 13, a revision masterclass for Year 11, A Level PE practicals, a non-uniform day on Friday and an Easter Egg hunt for Year 7! (thank you to FOSH for organising this)

I am absolutely humbled that so many staff have volunteered to come in during the Easter holiday to help Year 11 students with their revision for their examinations that are fast approaching. The full programme is detailed in this newsletter and on our school website.

At some point, I hope everyone - students, staff, parents, FOSH, governors and Trustees get a chance to relax and recharge, as this has been a busy, learning packed half term.

Have a great week everyone.

 Mr Lee-Allan