Headteacher's Blog

Welcome back – I hope your children had a great break, and are all refreshed ready for a final packed half term.

At break time on Friday 24th Mr Wright gave a witty and charming speech about what a joy it has been to work with Miss Ford, who has returned home to continue her career in Ireland.  Miss Ford has been with us for just two years, but has had an incredible impact on all those who have come into contact with her, including her classes, who are going to miss her terribly. Her upbeat mood, her passion for her subject, her beautiful accent and her willingness to do anything to help anyone are just a few features we will all miss. As she returns to her homeland, I am also proud to know that Stowmarket High School has supported Miss Ford in her professional practice, contributing to her rise from a very inexperienced NQT to a key strength within the history team. I am sure you will all join with me in wishing her every success going forward.  

On Thursday 23rd Miss Howland’s form, 8H, did a superb job organising the staff vs students netball match. Two matches were played, the first a 9-6 win for staff against the Year 8 girls, the second a close 6-5 staff win against the sixth form. I loved the write up in the PE news – thank you everyone who took part or who supported. In particular, thanks to form 8H for organising the event – they have earned a good deal of Leadership and Organisation points towards their PiXL Edge Award. 

I was delighted to be able to attend the Year 13 Leaver’s assembly, most ably led by Mr Blewitt. Mr Blewitt is a master comperé and his skills were well displayed as he gave numerous amusing awards, final encouragement and thanks for to a special group of students.  Mr Carpenter read a beautiful self-penned poem, about the joy of a long hot summer – as he read it the room relaxed as we all imagined ourselves, past examinations, and pre-employment or further study, waking up with nothing taxing or demanding to do! I would like to thank Year 13 for being such a great year group, and wish them all the very best in their examinations. 

Over half term numbers of revision sessions have been run, including bespoke weekend coaching sessions in English and mathematics, using an outside company called Impress the Examiner.  We continue to strive to leave no stone unturned in our determination to help our students achieve their very best. During the last week of half term, some of Year 11 failed to meet our expectations and have been told that the traditional home study leave process is being instigated for them. It is very frustrating to have to invoke this at this late stage, but we cannot have such important last minute interventions spoilt by poor behaviour.

On something much more positive, Year 8 &9 students who have represented us in our sports teams will be given the opportunity to watch the Woman's Cycle Tour on Monday 10th June in Stowmarket. The Town Council have been keen to engage with schools and I am delighted that we are able to send a delegation representing the school.

The Year 12 Parent evening this Thursday will be an excellent opportunity to reflect on the progress of students who have made that very difficult and sizeable leap up from GCSE to A level work – I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible here.

Uniform update

Please note that we are planning to change the uniform for our incoming Year 7’s, following a consultative process that has involved staff, parents and students. The resultant new uniform will be smarter, yet cheaper for parents – a very positive outcome. The rest of the school will adopt the new uniform in phases, giving parents plenty of time to plan finances accordingly. Please see detail contained later on in this newsletter.

ParentPay – 560 are already on – we plan to move to cashless next academic year (more information to follow) – so if you haven’t signed up for ParentPay already please look to sign up for this.

Have a great week everyone

Mr Lee-Allan