Reminder Students are required to wear masks

Could I please remind parents that students are required to wear a mask in indoor communal areas.   Students must provide their own masks.  If your son or daughter has an underlying health condition that makes this impossible please contact your Head of Year.

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Non Uniform Day Friday 23rd October 2020

On Friday our non-uniform day will be based on the Halloween theme, students are encouraged to become involved in this.  However, can we request that there are no props brought into school or masks/headwear worn (apart from Covid-19 masks) and no Halloween themed make up.

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Data Collection Sheets

We are planning to hand out the data collection sheets to the students. These will be distributed to the students before the half term break and, in the case of siblings at the school, the eldest child will receive the sheets for the whole family. These sheets contain personal data and will be enclosed in an envelope, to keep your information safe. Please look over the sheets, make any corrections, sign and return them to the school. They can be placed back in the envelope and the students should return them to Student Services or to room 2.25. Please return the sheets, even if there are no changes. 

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STEM After School Club Activities

On Wednesday, 30 Year 7 students had a super slimy time at STEM club! The students were investigating how common household materials, like PVA and baking powder can be used to make a stretchy polymer.

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Wet Weather Plea

Wet Weather Plea....As the autumn and winter sets in it is likely that we will see poorer weather. With this in mind we would like to ask families to ensure, where possible, that students don't get to school until around 8.40am to help ease pressure in the school building in the morning. We appreciate nothing can be done for those travelling by school bus, public bus or taxi but would like to ask those who walk or get dropped off by car if they can change routines slightly to ensure students arrive as close as possible to the warning bell at 8.45am in the mornings.

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New Page for Parents - A Guide to Show My Homework

Several Year 7 Parents have been contacting the school with questions relating to Show My Homework.  Therefore, we have set up a new page with step by step instructions to explain the software, under the Parents Heading - A Guide to Show My Homework.

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Bus Masks

Masks must be worn on public transport

We have received some reports from First Buses that children are removing or incorrectly wearing their face coverings once they have taken their seats on the bus. Can I ask that you please reaffirm with your children the importance and the need to wear their coverings correctly for the entirety of their journeys. This obviously applies to those children over 11 and without an exemption.

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