The Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts

We would like to congratulate Oliver Hampton in year 9 who entered a music festival on Saturday, 12th October. Oliver performed in 4 categories and received four first places! One distinction and three commended. Well done Oliver.

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Final Call for Colour Run Event

If your child would like to take part in our Colour Run Event on Friday the 18th of October please log on to ParentPay to make your donation of £3.00. We will be placing the order for the paint lunchtime today. If you need help with your Parent Pay log in details please contact finance by emailing:

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Macmillan Coffee Morning Today

Come along to our Macmillan Coffee Morning, being held in Lilies this morning, all parents welcome. Just a "taster" of some of the amazing cakes our students have made.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

A reminder that students will have to bring in £1 for non-uniform tomorrow, and if they would like a cake at the coffee morning, a donation too for MacMillan. All contributions gratefully received! Thank you.

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Confiscated Items

Following several reminders to students we still have a significant amount of confiscated items that have not be collected from reception. If your child has had an item of clothing or jewellery confiscated could you please remind them to come to reception to reclaim them. Anything that has not been collected by Friday, 27th of September will be sold at a table top sale for a donation of £1 per item and all proceeds will go to FOSH (Friends of Stowmarket High School).

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ride the late bus

After School Late Bus

Late Buses. Please be aware that late buses will now run on a Tuesday and Thursday. There will be a bus running today for students who are going to intervention after school.

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No Products Containing Nuts

It has been agreed that from Monday, 2nd September 2019 students and parents must not bring any products that contain nuts as a main ingredient in to school. We are also aiming to raise awareness within school regarding allergies and the severity they pose to some students. We would appreciate parents and carers supporting us with the awareness and impacts of allergies by sharing information with your child/children at home.
We have a number of students in our school who suffer from severe nut allergies and require emergency medication. For those who have severe allergies, coming in to contact with a nut product, can cause life threatening consequences. It can be easily contracted from a simple handshake or touching of a pupil’s table who may have had some nuts in their food.
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