Data Collection Sheets


We are planning to hand out the data collection sheets to the students. These will be distributed to the students before the half term break and, in the case of siblings at the school, the eldest child will receive the sheets for the whole family. These sheets contain personal data and will be enclosed in an envelope, to keep your information safe. Please look over the sheets, make any corrections, sign and return them to the school. They can be placed back in the envelope and the students should return them to Student Services or to room 2.25. Please return the sheets, even if there are no changes. 

The data collection sheets list the information we currently have about your child, including medical conditions and contact information. We like to ensure that our information is accurate and by returning the sheets, you help us to make sure that we can contact you in case of an emergency. The sheets need to be returned by 6th of November.

Thank you for your help with this.