Advice and a Slice

Would you, one of your colleagues, friends or family members be willing to deliver an Advice and a Slice session? This can be within any employment sector. We are aiming to enable our students to meet professionals to inspire them so they can make the right decision when it comes to their own career path over an informal lunch.

COVID UPDATE:  We now offer, face to face sessions with year group bubbles, live video links with Q and A and prerecorded videos shown on our large screen in the LRC. - If you wish to volunteer please feel free to state which of the later you would be willing to offer by completing the forms on our Employers Page

 What is Advice and a Slice?

Advice and a Slice’ are a chance to meet some of our students and discuss with them your own experiences and dealings within the working world after leaving school. The event is informal in nature and we also offer free Domino’s pizza to all those in attendance. The aim of ‘Advice and a Slice’ is to give our students some ideas and knowledge about their options and future after they leave the school, and even get the chance to start to build connections to help them later.

What might be discussed?

The topics covered could be wide ranging, but primarily ‘Advice and a Slice’ will focus on your own background in terms of education and career experiences – how that has enabled you to get to the position you are in now, as well as any advice you can give to students who aspire to follow the same or a similar career pathway.

When and where do they take place?

Advice and a Slice are held during term time. They last for 40 minutes, during lunch time, which runs from 1.30 to 2.10pm. The events are advertised to students within school and targeted specifically at those who have already expressed an interest in the sector.


How can you get in touch?

If you would like more information or you would like to volunteer to deliver an ‘Advice and a Slice’ session, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact Claire Broxton, our Careers Leader or Melenie Mylrea our Futures Coordinator, on 01449 613541 or via email:

Upcoming ‘Advice and a Slice’

Upcoming ‘Advice and a Slice’ sessions are advertised on our main atrium screen, on our website or follow our Twitter feed and Facebook page




So far we have welcomed…

    Ms Laura Savino, United Airlines 

Year 10 ,11 & 13

  • Training and Development Coordinator; Social Enterprise Leading Lives
  • Speciality Registrar in Histopathology
  • Civil engineering and Construction; Barnes Construction
  • Doctor – Palliative Care
  • High Court Judge and Clerk of the Court
  • Trainee AAT Accountants
  • Civil Engineering; BAM Nuttall
  • Gaming Industry; Nintendo
  • Royal Navy
  • Local Colleges
  • Radiographer
  • University Student on university life
  • Midwife
  • Business Owner, & Author, Mr Darren Lewitt 
  • The Army 
  • Tiffany Evripidou - Working and Studying Abroad
  • Jay Beagle - Government Social Research
  • Gergana Inanova - Marketing
  • George Hinds - Careers in Finance
  • Charli Vince - Illustrator
  • Bethan Williams - Law and the importance of Work Experience (pre-recorded) 
  • Robert Jones - Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering (pre-recorded) 
  • Naomi Farrow - Working in Mental Health (pre-recorded
  • Lois Cordelia - Community Artist (pre-recorded) 
  • Business Owner, & Author, Mr Darren Lewitt, Business Owner, & Author - 21.1.21
  • The Army - 28.1.21
  • Alex Collins from Brafe Engineering: Engineering Apprenticeships – 4.2.21
  • Dan Steed – Business Management – ex-Stowmarket High Student - 11.2.21
  • Mr Wil Fuller -Student Engagement Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University – ex Stowmarket High Student
    Sports & Uni - 4.3.21
  • Ms Laura Savino - United Airlines Pilot - The Sky is not the Limit - 16.3.21



AAS histopathology