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Tuesdays 16th March 2021

Laura Savino

The Sky is not the limit!

Come and hear this inspirational talk from Laura and find out why STEM is for everybody!

I was a middle-child, in a middle-income family, in the middle of New Jersey. By the age of twenty-five, I was flying around the world (literally) as a pilot for United Airlines.

Because we are allowed to live out more than one dream in life, I’m now a writer and motivational speaker. My goal is to help other young people go after what excites them, with no apologies or explanations.

There are just a few fundamental requirements to get where you want in life. The first is to work hard at everything you try. There is no getting around that. There are no shortcuts. The other is to boldly take risks. You need to believe in yourself enough to be willing to get in just a little over your own head. Soak in every small success and celebrate each little triumph and you will build the self-confidence needed to get past self-doubt and tackle the challenges thrown at you. You don’t need overwhelming long term goals, just always keep moving forward.

‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right’. Henry Ford