Headteacher's Blog

Year 11 

On Thursday last week we had a revision and motivation focus for Year 11, specifically through the delivery of bespoke sessions provided by a company called Maximise Your Potential. Again, the year group demonstrated that they want this success, and their focus and engagement was excellent.  

Every contribution we all make, staff here and parents at home, every extra bit of help – impacts their grades, and this matters so much. Thank you in advance for all that you are doing and continue to do to help them. 

 Year 13 

So far so good for the Year 13 Pres – they seem to be focussed and ‘on it’ – I look forward to seeing the data and working with Mr Blewitt and subject staff on identifying where we are making the interventions that will help deliver significantly improved results on last year. 

 Year 8 Parents’ Evening 

Thank you for all your support - the atmosphere was very positive and the many parents thanked me on their way out.  We had an attendance rate of 72%.

 Myth Busting continued…

Last week I cleared up some gossip that had been uninformed about the toilets in our new build – this proved popular so this week I will turn my attention to uniform.

The new uniform, so smartly worn by Year 7, will be adopted by all students in September 2020 – not Easter. I believe that some people are still under the impression that because of the new build the uniform has to change. At the start of this year there was a great deal of press attention around this, and I repeatedly said that my initial view had been to change the uniform due to the glass sided stairs and open plan aspect of the new build, however on advice and reassurance Wates said that that was not a reason to change the uniform. The change to no skirts has been made because trousers are more practical, numbers of other schools have made this move a number of years ago and report no issues with it, and we will also offer a short for both boys and girls that can be worn in the summer.

We will run a series of ‘sizing’ evenings in the summer term so that everyone will have the opportunity to try before you buy, but the key message at the moment, is that there will be no need to change to the new uniform at Easter.

The next one is lockers – we currently have nearly 200 lockers in our school, and we hope that this figure will be slightly expanded upon in the new build.

Staff Committee member 

I am delighted to announce that we have a new School Committee member (previously known as Governors). Mr Turner, a parent, has now formally joined the excellent team that do so much to support me and the school in the leadership of our school. I would like to thank Mr Turner for stepping up, and I look forward to working with him.

 Bus issues again...

On Friday the 88 bus inexplicably decided that it was not going to take our students back to Needham Market. Fortunately, two of my staff were available and once they found out used the school minibus to ferry some students home. Two key points here – please inform your child that should there be a problem with a bus come back into school and ask for Mrs Mallett – if we don’t know there is a problem, we can’t help. Secondly, we will of course be straight onto County transport to again make a robust complaint about the quality and reliability of this service.

 A frustrating note to finish on – thanks for your patience. Have a good week everyone

 Mr Lee-Allan