Exam Information & Results August 2021

Results Days August 2021

Due to Covid 19, we do not currently know how results will be distributed.   If the Government's 'roadmap out of lockdown' goes to plan, then we would very much hope to be able to open school as in pre-covid years, obviously this could change at any time.  Please check back nearer to the Results Days for confirmed arrangements.

A Level & AS Results - Tuesday 10th August 2021  

GCSE  Results - Thursday 12th August 2021           

 GCSE & AS/A Level Results Collection

If you are not able to collect your results in person, you can do one of the following:

1) Write a signed note/letter authorising a named third party to collect them on your behalf.  If you wish to do this in advance, (prior to the end of term), we can clip the authorisation to your envelope, this then avoids the person collecting them for you from forgetting the note, as we CANNOT give out your results to anyone else without the written authorisation.

 2) Bring in a stamp and collect a form to complete from the exams office so that we can post them out to you on Results Day.  If you bring a stamp to the Exams Office, we have bright coloured envelopes to ensure those to be posted are easily identified among the standard results envelopes.



Certificates will be held in school for collection up until 3 years following the Summer in which the exams were taken.  For example certificates for exams taken in 2021 will be kept until July 2024.

Students should collect and sign for their certificates in person. Alternatively if a student is unable to come in to school for any reason, they can write a note that must be signed by them, nominating a named third party to collect and sign for them on their behalf.

We are unable to release certificates to any third party without written permission to do so by the student.

We do not post out certificates due to the risk of loss in the postal system.  Each candidate can receive at least three or more certificates and they cost approximately £40.00 each to replace which is why we do not post them out. 

Should a candidate insist we post them, the school cannot not take responsibility for them once they have left our possession. 

Congratulations to all our students who received their exam results, we are very proud of all their achievements. Their dedication and conscientiousness have been rewarded with a terrific set of qualifications. We always knew with the right guidance and support they could do extremely well and they have met our aspirational targets.

Headline figures for GCSE 2018 results:

  • English and Maths 4+ =  71%

  • English and Maths 5+ =  50%

 There are many great performances, but the following stand out:

  • Sophie Butel - 6 grade 9’s, 1 distinction, 1 grade 8 and 2 grade 7.  9’s were in Mathematics, Biology, chemistry, Physics, French and Geography

  • Chloe Ainger -  3 grade 9’s in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and an A* in Business and A* in IT. Also grade 8 in Physics.

  • Lorna Brown - 3 grade 9’s in Maths, Biology and Physics  and A* in Graphics with grade 8 in Chemistry, French and English. 

  • Nell Devlin - 3 grade 9’s in Maths, Chemistry and French with grade 8 in Biology and Physics

Headline Figures for 2018 A Levels:

  • A* - C  = 58%

  • Average Points per entry = 28.22

  • Overall pass rate 92%

  • A*A = 13%

  • A*B = 35%

Some stand out performers included:

  • Lars Mardall - Maths (A), Further Maths (A) and Physics (A) confirmed place at Exeter (Physics)

  • Luke Smith - Maths (A), Further Maths (A) and Physics (A) Confirmed place at Nottingham (Engineering)

  • Elise Richmond - PE (B), Art (A), Psychology (A) (confirmed place at Northumbria- Sports Science)

  • Caitlin Francis - History (A), English Literature (A), Media Studies (B) Confirmed place at UEA (English) 

We are very proud of each and every student and we wish all of them well as they progress to university, college, apprenticeships or employment.

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