All of our students, without exception, are expected to wear the correct uniform and take pride in their presentation. Form Tutors will check the students in their Tutor Time daily to ensure all students are correctly dressed.  


In line with parents’ and students’ opinion, we have reviewed the cost and image of our school uniform and we would ask that parents/carers support us by ensuring their child attends school each day in the correct attire and with the necessary equipment to learn.


From September 2019 – Year 7 only


From September 2020 – Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 only


(other year groups are welcome to wear the new uniform before September 2020, but please let us know in advance so that we can advise the suppliers for stock availability.) 

  • Black blazer with school’s logo on breast pocket
  • Optional – Unisex black, school v-neck jumper with teal trim.
  • White, un-logoed and plain collared shirt or blouse with either long or short sleeves
  • Any t-shirt worn beneath a school shirt must be plain white.
  • Clip on school tie
  • Black sensible shoes, black canvas shoes or black trainers. 
  • Black Trousers, tailored, full length and NOT made of denim, canvas, skinny cut or have zips
  • or studs.
  • Black belt (plain)
  • Black or white socks (plain) 


 The following are not allowed: 

  • Trainers which are not completely black in colour
  • Boots 


Coming soon – supplier and style to be confirmed.

  •  Black shorts – to be worn during the summer term only.  


Hot Weather Rules 

Students will be advised in school when hot weather rules apply for the summer term, this is usually sometime after Easter but is dependent on the prevailing weather. They are as follows: 

  • Blazers and ties must be worn when moving around the school buildings and between lessons. Jackets may be removed when in lessons.
  • Blazers, jumpers and ties may be removed when students are outside at break times and lunch times.
  • We are exploring the option around shorts being optionally allowed in the Summer Term.


Our Suppliers 

Anglia Sports and Schoolwear Ltd 

For uniform online Tel:01255 474550 http://www.yourschoolwear.co.uk/stowmarket-high-school-96-c.asp @angliasportsandschoolwear.co.uk 

Uniform Expectations


With modesty in mind, our new build will have glass sided stairwells with open-plan floors and levels.  Therefore, skirts are not considered to be appropriate. 


Students are not allowed to wear hoodies (with or without a zip) whilst at school apart from the school logoed hoodie during PE.


Coats should be weather relevant to ensure that your child arrives and returns from school warm and dry. 

Jewellery, Hairstyles and Mobile Phones Guidance

Discreet jewellery is allowed, no more than a wristwatch, a ring, a bracelet, a chain/necklace (worn under shirt or blouse) and a pair of small earrings. 

Choker style necklaces are not acceptable and no other facial jewellery is allowed in school (e.g. nose, tongue, lip or eyebrow studs, including clear studs).

Any jewellery or nail polish must be removed for reasons of health and safety if requested by staff.

Hairstyles which are ‘extreme’ or attract undue attention are not allowed – e.g. shaven styles or dyed hair (unless natural colour and appearance). It is important to contact your Head of Year before having a hairstyle which may be considered inappropriate.

Hats, caps and other headgear should not be worn on the school site except out of doors as protection from the weather. Students may wear head coverings for religious reasons.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched off and kept out of sight during lessons and in between lessons, with the exception of morning break time and lunch-time.

Any infringement of this rule will result in the mobile phone being confiscated until the end of the school day and will require collection by a parent or carer for any reoccurrence.

No liability will be accepted by the school for loss, theft or damage of these and any other valuable items, and students are expected to take care of their own belongings.

Where the school’s expectations are not met

Any infringement of uniform expectations, students will be asked to work in isolation or to remove the offending item, where appropriate, and parents will be asked to collect the infringing item at the end of the school day.