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Covid Vaccination Programme and Suffolk Status

The immunisation team that visited us last Monday and delivered over 300 vaccinations were full of praise for organisation that had gone into the day and also the courteous, polite and helpful students. The team is based in Hertfordshire, and have seen schools across the south east of England, and were genuine in their expression of admiration for us as a school. Whilst I took great pride in this feedback, the credit goes to the students themselves and Mrs Millerchip, my Medical Officer, who throughout the pandemic has been presented with ever increasing challenges and demands, and meets them with an unflappable calm and focus.

Staffing Challenges

The BBC ran an article last week about how businesses were struggling to recruit staff. Whether it has been Covid, Brexit or any other influence, the impact is considerable on the vacancies list. I would say that we in education have seen the same impact, with heads across the county and the country sharing stories of numbers of positions, particularly in support staff remaining vacant. Therefore, I was delighted last week to appoint three Learning Support Assistants. The growth of our student population has put great strain on my existing team and expansion has been desperately needed, so to secure three strong candidates has been a great relief. We will have to wait around a month before they can start, but it is still good news for all concerned.

We continue to advertise for a Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer, a business support officer, cover supervisors, science technician – so your help in spreading the word across your networks will be gratefully appreciated.

Option Subject Pre Examinations

This week we see the Pre exams continue. The start Year 11 have made to these tests has been excellent – we continue to encourage them to have a plan about their revision, to balance it with rest and sleep, supported by a healthy diet. If as a parent you have any concerns about the stress levels on your son or daughter during these examinations, please let me know.

Update on New School Website

In my previous newsletter I mentioned about our new website coming soon, we expect it to go live this week so keep an eye out for further information regarding this.

Have a lovely week everyone

Mr Lee-Allan