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Great film, but I digress already. This warm weather does make it hard to concentrate! It is something that we are going to have to get used to as our climate changes. I think the decision to allow students to wear PE kit helped last week and will help today, and Tuesday is non-uniform, so they have the flexibility to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. On that topic I must remind everyone that any students outfits deemed too revealing or inappropriate will be asked to go home and change.

Sunscreen, hats and plenty of water are order of the day, and I will be allowing a 5-minute gap between lessons to help give access to water refills, as my expectation that lessons are not disrupted with students back and forth filling water up will remain.

We will have to wait and see how we cope as the country sees record temperature rates. Fortunately for us we only have two days and then the summer holidays, and after the pandemic, I feel confident staff and students will rise to the challenge.

The Long Awaited Return of Sports Days

In a nutshell, these were wonderful. I was so proud to be Headteacher. To see so much competition, joy, energy, laughter and teamwork was inspirational. On the second day, as the whole school was out on the field, I stood back and just watched in awe as the events took place. A team of our Year 11 students returned to take the role previously undertaken by Sixth Formers, and they too were marvellous.

With Mr Blewitt on the PA, entertaining us all with his witty repartee, the afternoon flew by. Or was that the wellington boots? The results were as follows, but the true winner was sport.


Abbots Hall Performance of Peter Pan

Last week we hosted three performances from Abbots Hall primary, with their Year 5 and 6 students performing a fantastic version of Peter Pan. The pandemic obviously stopped this tradition for three years, and so I was delighted we could help revive it. The students, many of whom will join us in September were so confident, witty, focussed and talented. The staff at that school are also so talented directing with a real flair. I loved it. Enormous amounts of credit must go to James Broadhurst who trained up Alfie Burton, Maisie Keeble and Harvey Steel to be the technical support for the production, and they too were superb.

More Performances

Last week also saw the unveiling of a performance project from 8 Year 8 girls, who have worked for about half a year with Bury Theatre Royale on a piece they have helped devise, called Mind and Voice. I was absolutely gutted that an interview I was undertaking overran, and I walked into the hall just as the girls took their bow, but I have seen the recorded version, and it showed great skill, confidence and intelligence. Well done to the following stars: Fiona Jones, Chloe Price, Amber Weaver, Jessica Philips, Max Brown, Poppy Harrod, Sofia Munteanu, Julija Cuprina and Millie Camilleri.

On Tuesday Miss Rea and Miss Fitch take a group of students to share their performances with other schools as part of a celebration of Shakespeare, organised by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and held at the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. Another great opportunity for those young people.

I am so delighted to see theatre and performance back in our school. It transformed my life, and I think it is so important in helping young people find a way to express themselves constructively and imaginatively. Well done to Luke Redhead, Grace Barnes, Violet Ali, Frances Morris, Cameron Williams, Alex Rodger, Charlotte Smith, Sophie Cage, Olivia Castle, Evelyn Castle, Camron Hamflett, Maisie Keeble.

D of E

Last weekend the following students tackled some really challenging hot weather in the Peak District as they completed their Silver D of E award. Many congratulations to the following students: Charlie Owen, James Griggs, Toby France and Kye Mayhew.

Bawdsey Manor

At the time of writing this weekend residential trip to Bawdsey Manor near Felixstowe for Year 8 is still underway. I am receiving some great pictures and updates about the wonderful challenges and activities these students are tackling, again in some very warm conditions. I am so lucky to have so many dedicated staff who are prepared to give up so much of their time in order to run trips like this and the D of E.

Star Student

Congratulations to Julija Cuprina for winning the Trusts Chair’s Award, for her outstanding work developing SEND videos and for her work with StowTalk. A very special student, who also performed in the Mind and Voice drama last week. Well done to her.

Summer Break

As we stumble toward the summer holiday, I will be telling the staff to switch off emails and to get a good break. I intend to do the same for the first couple of weeks, however I will scan emails every few days, and then throughout the holiday, so if there is something urgent you need to contact me with, then email is the most effective way.

Pastoral Changes

A number of changes have been made to the pastoral team for September with a non-teaching Head of Year appointed to every year group to oversee and support students.  This is an important development as we grow as a school.

Year 7 – Mrs Goodman (TGO)

Year 8 – Mrs Goss (NGO)

Year 9 –Mrs Hackett (AHA)        

Year 10 – Mrs Rudlings (ZRU)

Year 11 – Mrs Dolby (RDO)

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