User Guide

What is GO 4 Schools?

GO 4 Schools is an online portal you can use to track your son’s/daughter’s performance data (assessment results). This data is updated each day allowing you to obtain the most accurate summary of progress without having to wait for a Learning Check.


Logging on for the first time

You will need to use an email address that you have registered with Stowmarket High School.  If you have already provided us with an email address then this will be your login for GO 4 Schools.  

To login to GO 4 Schools visit and click on the Parents icon in the top right of the screen.

Please enter your email address in the First Time User box then click on the ‘Please send me a password’ box. 

Your temporary password will be sent to your email account (please allow 10 minutes for this to arrive).

Once you have logged-in to Go 4 Schools for the first time, please re-set your password under ‘my settings’ for security.


Please note:

This process will only work with an email address which you have registered with Stowmarket High School. Please contact in order to update your email address or for any other access enquiries.


What will I be able to see?

When you login to GO 4 Schools you will be taken to your son’s/ daughter’s profile which contains:

Assessment Information for each of the curriculum subjects

Reports (all Learning Checks are available as PDF documents and can be downloaded).


Got a problem?

If you have any issues with access to GO 4 Schools please contact Mrs Earrye via email: