Transition to Stowmarket High School September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


Following my letter last week, I am delighted to inform you that we are running our Transition day on Friday 28th August 2020.  It will start at 8.50am and students should arrive at the traditional school car park, where they will be lined up on the grass area facing the old school building. Students should be in their new school uniform.

Car parking is extremely limited and so we recommend that our car park is avoided as much as possible! The day will finish at 2.00pm and students will exit from the school gates at the front of the school.

Students will need to bring in a packed lunch and they should also bring in extra snacks and water to keep them going throughout the day.  We are a nut free school, so please refrain from bringing nuts and nut products into school as part of their pack lunch. A school bag will be essential so that they can carry their pencil case, snacks and a jacket in case of inclement weather.

On the day students will spend time settling into the school with their tutor and tutor group.  They will need to bring along their transition project as this features as part of the day.

Movement Around the School

  • A one-way system will be in operation
  • All classes will adhere to the current social distancing rules, the students will be in their form groups for the whole day and will remain in their form groups for break and lunchtime.
  • At the beginning of break and at the end of school, staff will dismiss one class at a time to ensure that safe social distancing can be observed
  • Whenever a student leaves or enters a classroom they will be asked to use anti-bac to clean their hands


  • Students will be allowed to leave lessons to go to the toilet if necessary so that we can avoid numbers of students all going at the same time, for example at break time pupils need to observe good handwashing routines  
  • The toilets to be used will be the first floor toilets – these will be clearly signposted
  • The hand-dryers cannot be used as they circulate warm air and particles and so paper towels will be available
  • In the event of queues forming, the floors outside the toilets will labelled at 2m intervals to promote correct social distancing


  • Hand-rails, door handles and other communally used parts of the school will be cleaned with anti-bacterial substances regularly throughout the day by our dedicated Covid-Safe Team
  • Toilets will be cleaned after each break session and at the end of school  
  • Classrooms will be cleaned prior to the day, during break and at the end of the day


  • The rooms that we are using are deliberately in one part of the school so that we can control movement and it is important that students do not go elsewhere in the building.
  • Every classroom will be supplied with anti-bacterial gel which needs to be used upon entry and exit to the room
  • Teachers will be based at the front of their rooms and will not be circulating the classrooms as they would normally do.

 Social Times

  • Break time and lunch time will take place on the school field (social distancing will be expected)
  • In the event of wet lunch, we will use the hall, the atrium and the activity studio. Tables will be spread out and it will be clearly marked where students can sit to maintain their safety.  
  • No food will be available on-site, students will need to bring their own supplies. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water!

 Other Considerations

  • Staff will be present at all key points during the day to support students and ensure that socially responsible behaviour is promoted
  • Clearly visible signs will be around the schools to remind us all of our responsibilities, such as keeping 2m apart
  • Students must bring their basic equipment with them: pen, pencil, ruler etc.
  • We will be unable to administer any medication during this day
  • No practical lessons will be undertaken during the day.
  • The Learning Support team will be providing support and interventions at a distance.

Even if you have already expressed an interest in your child coming to the Transition day, please can you confirm their attendance by the 3rd August 2020, by following this link:

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me, my email address is


Mrs Katy Farrow, Assistant Headteacher SLT for Year 7 & 8 email:  

Mrs Claire Ferguson, Assistant Headteacher SLT for Year 7 & 8 email: 

Ms Tracey Goodman, Head of Year 7 & 8 email: 


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