On Monday 14th March students had the opportunity to celebrate international pi day. This included in lesson activities and homework to memorise digits of pi along with a photo/poster competition. On the day students learnt about pi as a value and its history. Pi is one of the most popular or well-known mathematical constants. It is a irrational number that defines the ratio between a circle’s diameter and its circumference. It can be approximated to 3.14159……. Although it has not always been known as pi the concept of this ratio has been around for centuries. The Greek mathematician Archimedes gave the first logical and accurate way to calculate pi in 250 BC and assigned it a value of 22/7. Through time the known number of digits of pi has increased and it algorithms to model it have grown in complexity.

Over the day some classes participated in competitions to see who could remember the most digits of pi. Well done to Amy Cobbold, Harrison Hunn and Harry McDonald who could all recite over 30 digits of pi.

Lots of photos and artwork were sent in and a display will be made in the maths department. Below are a few of our favourites.

Well done to everyone!

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