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Thank you for stopping by. Stowmarket High School has a distinguished history, and an exciting future. We are proud to be the town school, working to improve the life chances and opportunities of all of our students.


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To achieve our aims, we work collaboratively on effective teaching and learning strategies to deliver a demanding but broad curriculum, with an emphasis on preparing our students for their next stage in their journey.

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The leaders, thinkers, game changers, mothers, fathers, trades people, employees and employers of tomorrow, are in our classroom now.  Our curriculum seeks to give our students every access to knowledge, skills, connections and experiences that help prepare them for this future as best we can. Exam success is just one piece of the jigsaw.


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Student Testimonials

“I enjoy school because I have learnt so many new things. My favourite subject is PE because it is really interactive and fun. The after-school clubs are really good too and there’s something for everyone here.”

Noah, Year 9

“I find it easy to learn here. The teachers go over the work and the type of work set is good. We get too much homework though. I like sports so I went to the football trials and I liked badminton club last year. I hope that this is running again this year. I feel safe coming into school.”

Olly, Year 8

“I like the lessons and I am able to learn because the teachers make it easy to follow the lesson and I can understand. I joined computer club because I am interested in games. I also like chess club. The clubs also help you to understand some subjects that you might find hard. I had a problem last year, which my Head of Year helped me with and now it is fine. I feel positive at school.”

Noah, Year 8

“There is a massive difference between the teaching here and primary school. These teachers know their subjects and they have experience in their field. School clubs are well advertised. I have had no problems here, so I have not used the pastoral help that is on offer, but I know where to find it should I need to. I feel very positive at school, the lessons are good and I love Mr Rourke. He is the best teacher ever and my brother remembers him too and said the same. He is amazing.”

Charlie, Year 9

“I have made so many new friends and all the teachers are really nice. I was in the school production of Matilda last year which I really enjoyed. This was such a fun experience, and it was a really nice atmosphere, like one big family. The Drama teachers are amazing and make lessons really fun and interesting.”

Evie, Year 8

“I enjoy my lessons. My Head of Year has in the past helped me out with a problem and it was sorted really quickly.”

Millie, Year 10

“I find school good. All of the teachers are really nice. I have had support with my writing in lessons as it takes me a long time to write things out. I have a laptop that has been given to me to help me in lessons with this. I feel safe and feel good at school.”

Charlie, Year 10

“I find school engaging, lessons are good and teachers always check around the class to ensure everyone is okay with the work. I participate in after school productions each year. I had a problem in the past as I sought help from my Head of Year who dealt with the problem and my teachers were also supportive with this issue. I feel that the school is a positive envrionment to be in,”

Coraline, Year 8

“I find the teaching and learning good and it is even better now with the ‘Do Now’s’ at the beginning of lessons.”

Emelia, Year 10

“I really enjoy the classes here at Stowmarket High School. My favourite one is English because the teachers are very supportive and helpful. I enjoy the reading we do in class as they are always so interesting. I have made so many new friends at the school and feel really happy here.”

Ellie, Year 8
  • School

    The school needs to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences, a safe environment and a wide range of opportunities.

  • Student

    A student in their time goes through many changes from Year 7 to 11. Success requires determination, ambition, and confidence to name just three.

  • Home

    Difficulties at home can cause enormous stresses for a young person – talk to us so we can do what we can to support.


Our ethos Tripod Success Theory

Student success is most likely to be secured when three key parties work together – the student, home and school. This principle underpins all that we do.

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