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Exam Results & Information

We aim to run our Results Days as we would in any normal year, but should national conditions dictate that we need to change that, then we will let students and parents know of alternative plans before those dates:

  • A-Levels and other Level 3 Awards: 10th August
  • GCSE, other Level 2 Awards and Level 1 Awards: 12th August.

Students can arrive at school from 9.00 am to collect their results, which will also be available on Go4Schools from 10.00am. Friends and relatives (including parents) cannot collect results on behalf of students unless we receive written consent from the student beforehand.

If any student is considering going through the Clearing Process tomorrow, which begins at 8.30 and consequently requires their results before 9.00am, then they must email me directly – k.rourke@stowhigh.com

We realise that the last 18 months have been a particularly difficult period for our students and we feel confident that results days will be a positive experience for all.  Mr. Blewitt and Mrs. Dolby will be present to offer support and guidance as well as members of the Senior Leadership Team. Don’t forget your money for the ice cream van!

Follow this link to a letter outlining the Appeals Information CLICK HERE

Please Note: That due to Covid-19 figures for 2020 will not be published.

Click HERE for GCSE and A Level Grades 2021