Year 7 application process is completed by Suffolk County Admissions. To apply for a place in Year 7, please follow the Suffolk County instructions. More information can be found on this website under the heading Apply for a secondary school place:

Stowmarket High School may have spaces throughout the school year which would enable us to take on extra students. If you are interested in your child joining our school, we strongly recommend you follow the procedures below:

Call us to arrange a visit

Look around our school, see our facilities and talk to your child’s perspective Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year. It is essential that you get a feel for our school and you are making the right choice. As well as finding out a bit more about you we will look at the timings of the school day, uniform requirements, our recognition system and sanctions.

GCSE considerations

We start GCSE courses in Year 9, unlike many schools which start them in Year 10. If your child is already in Year 9 and wishes to join us, then s/he may be behind their new classmates and will need to catch up. If they are in Year 10 and 11, then we will need to check if they can carry on with their GCSE options and that we follow the same exam board as the previous school. There are times when transferring from one school to another means that they cannot carry on with their options. Depending on the year group, your child may have time to start new ones. Unless absolutely necessary, we do not recommend students leaving their current school beyond January of Year 10, as this will significantly harm a child’s educational chances.

To apply to Stowmarket High School

Please complete form ADM1, which can be downloaded from the County Admissions website:

Please hand in or post the ADM1 form to the school. We also have our own admission form, which you will receive during your visit to the school. This form must be handed in before your child starts, as it will contain medical information and emergency contact details. After your child has been offered a place, we will need to see proof of address and a document showing the child’s date of birth.

More information on Suffolk County In-Year Admissions can be found here:

Click here for Admission Arrangements for 2022 to 2023

Awarding a Place

After we process your application, we will contact you to let you know if your child has been awarded a place. We will contact your child’s previous school for academic, attendance and safeguarding information. We use this to place your child in the correct classes and set up any early interventions which may be necessary. Please note that this takes time and we rely on the current school providing this information, so there could possibly be a delay. The process cannot be rushed as we need the transfer to our school to be as smooth as possible.

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