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Option Process

During Year 9 your child will start their Options Process in the Spring term when they will be given more details about the subjects they wish to study in Year 10 and 11. This will include an options booklet, access to the Key Stage 4 SharePoint page, assemblies and a formal options evening with parents/carers.

Year 9 students have important decisions to make about their GCSE option choices and it is important that students appreciate the size of the commitment that they are making.  As you may be aware, all young people are now required to continue in education or training until their eighteenth birthday. The subjects that are chosen will influence any potential A Level, college courses, and apprenticeships, and will form the foundation of your continuing education leading to university, training, or employment. 

In Key Stage 3 you have studied a foundation curriculum and experienced a wide range of subject areas.

In Key Stage 4, you will be focused on the subjects/qualifications you are studying, and preparing for the examinations in Year 11. You will be taking courses that help you to prepare for further study, maybe on an A level/Level 3 course at Sixth Form or at college, through an apprenticeship or studying one of the newer T Levels.

It is sometimes difficult to make decisions. Often there is no right or wrong answer, but the more informed you are, the easier the decision-making process is. The best place to start is to ask yourself: “What am I interested in doing and exploring after Year 11?” and “What subjects do I enjoy?”. Aim to study subjects that are broad and balanced. Talk to your teachers and ask lots of questions; we are here to help and advise you.  

CLICK HERE to view our KS4 Options Booklet 2023-2024

CLICK HERE to access the Year 9 Options SharePoint Page, to access this page you will require your child’s school email address and password

CLICK HERE to view our Options Evening Presentation 29.02.2024