At Stowmarket High School we are committed to enhancing the life chances of our students.  We aim to encourage them to be the best they can be. Our core purpose at Stowmarket High School is to deliver a high quality and diverse curriculum with the intention of producing well rounded, confident young people who are equipped to face the future.

The curriculum includes not only our time tabled lessons but also those wider opportunities outside the classroom and the school boundaries and we hope that our students take every opportunity that is offered to them.  We encourage our students to participate in the activities and widen their interests whilst contributing to their social and academic development.

We are proud of our co-curriculum and offer over 65 clubs a fortnight.  All of clubs aim to bring ‘joy’ to our curriculum, activities are categorised according to the Duke of Edinburgh Skills and link to the LORIC+ skills of Unifrog.  Students can attend clubs during registration, lunchtime, and afterschool.

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