This year we would like to ensure that families are at the heart of our SEND department.  Any concerns should be raised as they occur – please do not wait if you are worried.  You can do this through emailing Mrs Orton, our SENCo or telephoning the school. 

We have a number of ways that families can engage with our SEND team, these include:

  1. Reviews for Pupils with SEND: Pupil Passports are reviewed twice a year at designated tripod events for students on the Special Educational Needs register and the Additional Needs register. These are held approximately every six months for each year group within the school. Annual Reviews are held for students with an Education Health and Social Care Plan. The school encourages family participation throughout the assessment process. Families are invited to all relevant review meetings and may appoint a named person who can attend meetings with them. 
  2. Parents Evenings: parents will be able to have a meeting with a member of our SEND department at all parents’ evenings.  This will be an opportunity to raise any SEND concerns that you may have about your child.
  3. Tea and Talk:   The school offers termly ‘Tea and Talk’ events where families can discuss concerns with the SEND department. 
  4. Celebration Events: We are introducing termly SEND celebration events