SEND Advocates

CLICK HERE to view our SEND Advocate Charter

The SEND Advocates are students from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4, who want to make a positive impact within their school community. The newly formed group have produced videos for assemblies and social media promoting SEND, they are working on projects in the school and work with students during the Transition process.  They are the student voice for SEND and we are very proud of their work in school.

Kacie Crowfoot and Caitlin Buxton are the SEND Advocate leaders, please speak to any of the advocates if you would like their help.

CLICK HERE for information our our new Dyslexia Friendly Library

Our SEND Advocates are:

Year 11: SEND Advocate Leaders
Kacie Crowfoot
Caitlin Buxton

Year 10:
Harriet Carr
Cerys Swinton
Grace Barnes

Year 9:
Reece Coppin
Scarlett Finch
Katylyn Lorandeau
Julija Cuprina
Jessica Phillips

Year 8:
Finley Bacon
Harvey Steel
Coraline Thomas