An apprenticeship is a job.  You work for an employer and learn skills and knowledge whilst also being trained in the skills employers want.  You will learn at a pace that suits you and are supported by a mentor. 

Across the country there are many types of apprenticeship, covering a wide variety of occupations from surveying to accountancy to veterinary nursing.  In Suffolk alone there are 250 types of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships can take between one and six years, depending on the level of apprenticeship, your ability and the industry sector you are working in.

The minimum salary for an apprentice is £4.81 per hour as at April 2022. This applies to all apprentices aged under 19 or to those in the first year of their apprenticeship. However, research has shown that many apprentices are earning significantly more than this.

Apprentices are expected to be employed and paid for at least 30 hours per week for a minimum of one year.


Most of your training will take place on the job, with the remainder usually taking place at a local college or work-based training provider. You may be attending your off-the-job training on day release or possibly over a number of days in a block which could be at a local or national training centre.

Some apprenticeships also require you to complete an assessment at the end of the programme to assess your ability and competence in your job role.

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