Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience – 9th -13th July 2018.

This year work experience is scheduled to take place between 9-13th July 2018.  During this time students will not attend school, but instead they will be at their pre-arranged place of employment.

We believe that work experience is vital for our students in preparing them not only for their employment, but for life. We are keen for students to experience the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of the world of work, and for them to develop into well-rounded and confident individuals. Students will hopefully have the opportunity to work in fields of their choice, in order to gain the best understanding of what the role/position entails.

The process of providing and then allocating placements to the students is a long one and involves the school, the parents, and the students in some important administrative procedures. 

This year we are running a very limited database of jobs from school (these are updated and placed on the schools U Drive in a folder called Work Experience 2018); however we would encourage students to seek their own work experience placements in the first instance as we believe that our own choice system allows students a real opportunity to test the “job market” as they will be competing for placements that they generate.

Every placement is carefully vetted for the safety of the workplace and checked for compliance with insurance regulations.  If a work placement does not meet these standards, then an alternative place of work will need to be sought.  The school cannot be responsible for any costs incurred by travel during Work Experience, so please ensure that your child can get to their chosen place of work.

Because of the strict legal framework surrounding Work Experience placements parents of students who wish to make their own individual arrangements for Work Experience must ensure that the employer completes the own choice direct contact form and returns it to me as soon as possible.  If your child wishes to apply for one of the positions held in the schools data base then they must return the Stowmarket High Choices Form.

All applications for work experience must be received by 29th March 2018.  All work experience will be confirmed by the 28th May 2018.

Work experience forms should be returned to Katy Farrow, Assistant Headteacher via Student Services, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click HERE for Own Choice Direct Contact Form

Click HERE for Stowmarket High School Choices Form